The "Other Person"

Can you handle being the "Other Person"

Relationships are not helping most people in this recession. There is so much baggage that comes with the territory along with the many unwritten rules you have to abide by. Not to mention you have to spend time, money and energy that you can you use for something way more lucrative. So, how do you satisfy your erotic urges with out the stress of a relatioship? You should become the “other person.” Now, not just anybody can be the “other person.” It comes with it shares of perks and complications.

The first perk of being the other person is it is a money saver. You are never obligated to take that person out at all. So that means you never have to worry about dinner and a movie. Now you may have to worry about paying or going half for a hotel, motel or rental car but that is purely circumstantial. Either way, in the long run you save money on holidays, dates, anniversary, and “oops I messed up and now I have to buy you something days.”

Reason number two why being the other person is just a good idea is because the sex is the best. Usually the person engaging with the “other person”  does not have an ideal sex life. So the “other person” gets all the wild pinned up to the wall, ripping the clothes off, “man I got a charlie horse but I am about to cum” kind of sex. It is the type of sex that you want to testify in front of the whole church that you feel orgasmic at the thought of the booty call you are going to have right after service.

Last but not least, one of the best perk is that you have full control over leaving right after sex. Have you ever dated a person that snores loud enough to disturb your plants? Or have you ever had a sleep fighter, not a street fighter but a sleep fighter. You know that person that kicks you in your spine and pushes you off the bed. Well say so long to all of that. You can get all your thrills that happens in perks two and kindly leave right after or make a fake excuse for that person to leave.

Now, with all good things, there is a flip side and the first complication is getting caught. There is nothing worst than rolling around hot and sweaty with your “associate” and then you see an angry silhouette in the doorway. Even worst, having to change your number and/or email address because a significant other is hurt because their mate likes engaging with “other people.” Either way those awkward situations are a chance you are willing to take for being the “other person.”

Two, you get lonely being the “other person.” Also, you sometime get a little envious of the couples you see walking down the street holding hands, kissing at every intersection. Then knowing that you are going home to an empty house and maybe some internet porn versus a warm body, well you feel kind of lonesome.

The third of many complications you have when you are the “other person” is catching feelings. That is one of the ultimate flaw of being the “other person.” If that person is already in a relationship, obviously that person has a hard time committing. So catching feelings is basically killing the whole essences of being the “other person.”

Being the “other person” again has very good benefits as well as its awkward, mind blowing flaws. It is just your choice to see if you can handle it.



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So I am in a situation where I am stuck between a rock and a hard… place I should say.  There are two guys that both have GREAT ASSETS but yet both are very different. However the issues is both are looking for a long term relationship versus the short term causal that I have accustom to. Normally, I would just take advantage of them and toy with them until I get bored with them then I would just do something to piss them off, turn it around on them and eventually send them off there merry way. However these two guys are different and I am actually extremely attracted to one physically and socially I should say and I am attracted to other finiacially and romantically/sexually. And with that in mind, I would not mind being either one’s girlfriend however that little bitch karma mind stick her head in between it.

So since I do not have Dr. Phil’s number or Oprah’s personal email address, I am doing what anybody in my age range would do in my situation. I am talking to both of them. I know it sounds bad at first but guys do it all the time. Plus I look at it like this, if one of them really wanted me then they will look pass my flaws aka the other guy and accept me for me and then we will have will passionate and experimental sex later.

I will keep you updated…

I am a huge hip hop head. Now don’t get me wrong, I am very eclectic. If you look at my iPod, you might think I just got it off a bomb off the street and added some new tracks but not to sound cliché, my first love is hip hop.

On that note, I go to three hip hop site religiously everyday and on one of them I see Lloyd Banks had a freestyle with Funk Master Flex on Hot 97. Personally, I always listen to all the freestyles from there because usually these rappers come correct. Sometimes it is the best thing I have ever heard from them. So when I saw Lloyd Banks on there, I had to stop what I was doing and listen.

After I heard it, I had to run it back twice. I am a huge fan of Lloyd Banks. Personally, I always thought he was a better lyricist than 50 cent, but 50 is probably a better businessman than Lloyd. Either way shouts out to Lloyd Banks and

I have never seen anything so inspiring before in my life. Just by listening to these people sitting their coming from nothing in a financial people point of view to recognized for being amazing at whatever they set their mind or hearts too. Some of them stated that they did not have the fondest thought they will be where they are today or even given the opportunity to get where they are today. Some of them did not have a roof over their heads just a park bench under their backs. Some of them new that what they are striving for may have them wind up in jail and nobody will bail them out. 

My problem is that I would start something and not finish it. I claim that I am too busy or I do not have the resources however I am always on facebook, tagged, or my new music websites. When I am finished, I am overwhelmed with boredom. I get so overwhelmed with boredom that I start watching porn or harassing my dog to learn more tricks. So what to do now?

Well, I am going to write everything that I started to do and give them due dates. I am also going to stop worrying about other people and worry about myself because no matter what you think, the only person that can love you the best is yourself. Lastly, I going to put my faith in God more. I am one of those people who go to church everyday but never become a member. 

I will tell you how it goes. So tell me… what works for you??????????

Which way to go?

What am i going to do with my life?

Sex in the Car

Now I can drive a stick

I have experienced a lot of things at such a young age and sex before a relationship is one of those things. I don’t know how many times my friends and even ex – boyfriends that became associates say wait at least a month to three months to hold out if you are really like a guy. Do I listen? HELL NO! I can’t even wait that long but what I could say I never had sex on the first date… until just recently.

I know you what you are thinking. That is what they all say but thinking about it. There has to be first time and this guy was it. We are going to call him Optimus Prime aka Optimus because he so big and tall. He is not fine but he  is cute. He is about 6’5 and big ( kind of like Shaq’s size.) He just got his Bachelor’s degree and going in to law school. He is a job, car, truck, dog and a two story house. He is funny, smart, out going and straight forward. The thing that I like the most he is an undercover geek. Hey that is my personal preference. Don’t judge me.

I should have known something was up when we went to the Drive-in to go to the movies with a bottle of Malibu. Just to let you know, I am an extreme light weight. So we figured since we  were both shy that it would loosen us up. Lets just say we got a little too loose. All I remember was i was laying on him and then my pants was off and i was riding him and then windows were fogged up. Then we went to some parking lot. 

I still talk to Optimus but I found out that “he is not looking for a relationship.” I am not either but eventually. Maybe in the spring or after my vacation. Who I am kidding? I just want to have fun too.

However some things boggled me after I thought about our first date. At the Drive-In want i was doing my olympic riding. He covered me up from the windows and said, “Nobody is going to see my titties. Two, we are still dating and he said he said he likes me. Lastly, we talk everyday. Who knows where this will go but i do know is a relationship will not happen.